Products!!! Do They Really Matter??

May 30, 2018
I’m really particular about what I use on my clients hair. A lot of company’s are deceptive on their packaging (not just hair products.) One of my favorite clients came in last week. She is new to her curl journey and open to new ideas and products. She brought in a product she had been using. On this label it said “No Sulfates. No parabens. No Gluten. No mineral oil. Alcohol and silicone free.” Sounds good, right? She said this product really helped define her curls. So I look at the ingredients on the back of the bottle. The first thing I see is “sodium hydroxide.” I’m thinking “isn’t this the same chemical in relaxers?! Can’t be!” Indeed, this company puts sodium hydroxide in their gel. Scary! 

Whenever you go to a stylist, they should be using quality products on your hair. Good products impact the overall health of your hair. When a new client comes to me, they may be thinking that their hair is going to be amazing after one visit and that’s not always the case. Bouncing back from damaged hair takes time. It takes time to remove build up caused by products that aren’t water soluble. My clients know and appreciate the process of loving and developing their hair. They know I’m not going to compromise when it comes to the products that I use. Right now, I’m carrying 2 products lines at the salon and plan to bring 2 more! Stay tuned! 

Make sure you’re doing your research when it comes to products you’re putting into your hair!

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