I’m Back & I’m Better!

I just got done with my first Curly Hair Artistry training in Washington DC and I am overwhelmed, in a good way! For me, the part was meeting so many curly specialist from EVERYWHERE. You've heard of an "ah ha moment?" This was an "ah ha" weekend!

Scott Musgrave started this group 5 years ago for curly specialist to be able to connect and learn from one another. The networking alone with other curl specialist was priceless. As soon as I pulled up to the hotel I saw a group of people with curly hair and I thought to myself, I bet they are here for the training! LOL and they were! 

The training was nonstop for three days and I really took in so much information. Since I work mostly with super curly hair, it was nice to get more information specifically about wavy hair. I feel like I've been cutting my wavy's too blunt but I really didn't know how to correct it. I can't wait to practice the techniques. 

We learned so many hair techniques but we also went over business practices and branding. There were stylist there who have been where I am in my business and have taken their business to the next level. Anytime you can hear a testimony about where someone was, and where they are now it should a confirmation of where you're going. I came to the training somewhat unsure of what I should be doing next and left with a 6 month plan. t was nice to see that I'm right on track with what I've been doing thus 

Wafayah and The O Team, thank you so much for hosting us! I loved your sweet spirit! Ron, I appreciate your honesty and openness! Scott, thank you for creating this group and for making this all happen. I can't wait to see you guys again!

I'm ready for what's next!


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