Curly Hair Artistry

April 25, 2018
I never knew this curly world was so BIG. It's amazing to see other people who have built a business soley on their love for curls. I know I am right where I supposed to be. 

Another curl stylist told me about a group called Curly Hair Artistry about 2 years ago. I didn't do any research on the 
group at the time becuase I was just starting my own business and need to figure out the ends and outs. I logged that name in my mind so I would remember to come back around to it. 

If you're a client of mine, you probably know that I have a love for Devacurl. When I started using the product, I saw immediate change with my hair. It became so moisturized and hydrated and my curls were Poppin'! 

As I travel down this curly path, I'm finding that some of my clients are still experincing dryness even when they are using Devacurl. I'm aware that everything that works for my hair isn't always going to work for someone else! I also know that there are a lot of amazing products that I've never even heard of, yet! One day, I hope to create my own line, but right now I'm focused on gaining as much knowledge as I can!

Next week, I'm doing a NON-BRAND BASED class. I'm happy to learn what other stylist are out there using and really just excited to find ways to differeiate myself and my own brand. I can't wait to bring back the knowledge back to Kurlykoils!

Britteny ❤️

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