Meeting Lorraine Massey and Evan Joseph!!

When I read the "Curly Girl Handbook" it changed my life. I changed my whole way of thinking when it came to hair, especially curly hair! My passion grew to improve my own hair and in return, being able to help other people with their hair. These are concepts that we had never been taught about our hair! If you haven’t checked out the book, and you have curly hair, you need to! I practically based my salon from the knowledge I gained from the book. I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would have the opportunity to meet the Author, Lorraine Massey (@curlyworldllc)

I've been following Evan Joseph (@evanjosephcurls) on Instagram for while. He is an amazing stylist in Columbus, Ohio doing what I'm doing in Indianapolis. He built a business helping textured hair clients. Lorraine wrote a new book and he was hosting a book signing for people to come and meet Lorraine. I knew I had to go. It was only a few hours to drive to Columbus.

I blocked my schedule and planned to come to this event. Next thing I know, Evan puts on his Instagram that he and Lorraine were teaming up to teach a cutting class How awesome, right? Except the fact that I missed the memo! By the time I saw that they were hosting a class, the class was full! I couldn't believe I missed it. But I didn't settle my mind with that. I didn't know how I was going to get in the class but I knew I had to!

A couple days later I saw Evan needed models for the class and I knew that was my way in! I submitted my picture and he and Lorraine picked me to cut my hiar! I was able to get in the class, see Lorraine and Evan cut, and still get the full experience of being in the class.

I learned so much from that day. My main take away was seeing how important it is to be conscious of what we are actually putting into our hair! Black women, especially, have been taught to put oil their hair and Lorraine and Evan taught us just the opposite. Oil and water do not mix and curly hair needs WATER aka hydration.

I brought my daughter, who was 6 months at the time, with me and it was nice for Lorraine to share that when she had her child, she often worked with him tied to her back. Sometimes, when you come to the shop, you just might see my daughter there, chillen with her Mama while I work. It was nice to hear that I wasn't alone!

I'm so happy I was blessed with that experience. And by the way, Lorraine's new book is awesome! Check out pictures below!


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